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Rush therapy can shorten the build-up phase of your immunotherapy treatment for allergies from three to six months to one to two days. Check in with board-certified allergists Vicki J, Lyons, MD, and Tim Sullivan, MD, at Advanced Allergy & Asthma in Ogden, Utah, to find out if rush therapy is the right choice for you. Call the office for an appointment or book a visit online.

Rush Therapy Q & A

What is rush immunotherapy?

The initial step of standard immunotherapy is a build-up phase, during which you’re given increasingly larger doses of an allergen to help desensitize your immune system to its presence. This typically requires three to six months to complete. Rush immunotherapy reaches a dose that begins to suppress clinical allergies in one day.

Is rush immunotherapy safe?

There is a possibility that you may develop an allergic reaction during any immunotherapy procedure, and that holds true with rush therapy. To decrease the risk and severity of a reaction, you’re prescribed a pre-medication regimen that consists of several medications you take the day before and the day of your rush therapy appointment. Rush therapy has been available since the mid-1990s and is considered a safe and often effective option for allergy treatment. 

What are the benefits of rush immunotherapy?

The major benefit of rush therapy is the accelerated time frame to clinical improvement and potentially faster permanent relief from your symptoms. Rush therapy also reduces the number of office visits you need for allergy shots, which is typically more convenient as it means less traveling time to and from the office and less time missing work or school.

Cluster therapy plans involve two to four injections on the same day, scheduled 30 minutes apart, once a week. These weekly injections continue for a three-week period, helping you build up a tolerance and reduce your body’s physical reaction to allergens.

How long does a rush immunotherapy appointment last?

Rush immunotherapy requires that you spend a full day at Advanced Allergy & Asthma so that the team can monitor you carefully for adverse reactions to the allergy shots. So, arrive in comfortable clothing and bring something to occupy your downtime, such as a tablet. You’re welcome to bring your lunch and snacks, or you can order food in. Your allergy specialist remains nearby and will check in frequently to monitor your progress.

What happens after rush immunotherapy?

After completing the series of shots during your rush appointment, you quickly reach the maintenance phase of immunotherapy. This part of the treatment requires routine injections over a three to five year period to complete the immunotherapy process. The frequency of your injections is greatly reduced during this time, often dropping to only once a month. 

To find out more about immunotherapy and the rush method, schedule a visit with one of the specialists at Advanced Allergy & Asthma. Call the office or book your appointment using their convenient online scheduling tool.