3 Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

3 Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

Allergy symptoms can make everyday life a struggle. And some, like insect allergies, can even keep you from fully enjoying things you love, like the great outdoors.

Fortunately, there could be a better way to keep your symptoms at bay, even if you have life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis.

Unlike medications that targets symptoms, immunotherapy addresses allergies by changing how your immune system responds to your trigger. The process works by slowly exposing your body to your specific allergen until it no longer reacts.

This approach can offer life-changing results for people with moderate to severe allergies, including children.

However, traditional immunotherapy also takes time — 6-12 months to be exact. That’s why our Advanced Allergy & Asthma team offers rush therapy at our locations in Ogden, Utah.

Do you have allergies? Here are three benefits of rush therapy.

1. A faster path to immunity

When you live with allergy symptoms, especially allergies that put you at risk of anaphylaxis, you want immunity as quickly as possible.

Rush therapy shortens that timeframe by helping individuals get results in days instead of weeks or months.

When you undergo rush immunotherapy at Advanced Allergy & Asthma, our team administers your standard build-up phase injections over a day. 

To reduce the chances and severity of an allergic reaction, the process starts with a prescribed premedication regimen. This typically involves several medications taken the day before and day of your appointment.

Then, you spend the day at our office under close observation so we can monitor your reaction to your injections.

2. Greater convenience

Allergy shots offer a safe and effective solution for people as young as five years old. 

However, traditional methods require weekly injections during the initial build-up phase and additional shots every few weeks for years to maintain your results. That’s a lot of office visits!

Worse yet, missing your allergy shots too often can delay your results even longer.

Rush immunotherapy gets you through the build-up phase faster, often within one day. Not only is this far more convenient, but it also provides more cost savings in the long run.

Plus, once you complete rush therapy, your results last eight months. Then, you maintain your immunity with routine injections for three to five years.

3. Protection from most allergies

Allergies can be stressful, especially when you are at risk of anaphylaxis and need to carry an epinephrine auto-injector, like an EpiPen®. 

But rush immunotherapy can make most allergies a distant memory.

Allergies that the Advanced Allergy & Asthma team can treat with immunotherapy include:

However, our team typically doesn’t recommend immunotherapy for food-related allergies.

Are you tired of struggling with allergy symptoms? Contact Advanced Allergy & Asthma to learn more about the benefits of rush immunotherapy by calling or requesting a visit online at one of our convenient Ogden locations today.

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