4 Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

4 Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

If you’ve ever dreamed of a day when you wouldn’t have to struggle with allergy symptoms, we have good news for you — immunotherapy can help. And, if you choose the “rush” form of this treatment, you can make your dream a reality in no time.

Our Advanced Allergy & Asthma team offers numerous forms of immunotherapy, whether you have an insect allergy or want lasting relief from common allergies, like hayfever and allergy-triggered asthma.

Are you considering immunotherapy? Here are four of the many benefits you can expect with rush therapy treatments at each of our locations in Ogden, Utah.

1. Faster results

Immunotherapy treats allergies by exposing you to tiny amounts of your triggers to desensitize your immune system. These doses start small with traditional methods and gradually increase during 3-6 months.

Rush therapy works the same way but takes hours or a few days. Then you can immediately move into the “maintenance” phase of your treatment, which usually takes 3-5 years. This process takes fewer appointments and ensures your immune system remains accustomed to your trigger.

2. A more cost-effective solution

Since rush therapy works much faster than traditional immunotherapy, you have fewer office visits to get results. On top of that, people who choose immunotherapy can often say goodbye to their allergy medication entirely.

As a result, rush immunotherapy can add up to huge cost savings when treating allergy symptoms.

3. Safe protection from most allergies

Whether you have mild or severe allergy symptoms, they can be a nuisance that disrupts everyday life. And they can even keep you from doing things you love, like spending time outdoors.

Fortunately, rush immunotherapy can effectively treat a wide range of allergies, such as:

However, immunotherapy isn’t a good option for allergies associated with food.

4. Improved immune function

One of the most significant benefits of immunotherapy is that it helps change your immune system. Because of that, it controls your current allergies and prevents other reactions from developing.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but several chronic issues go hand-in-hand with allergies. For instance, people with allergies are more likely to have asthma and eczema. So when you get rush immunotherapy, you can take care of multiple issues simultaneously.

Ready to see the benefits of rush Immunotherapy for yourself? Contact Advanced Allergy & Asthma to schedule a consultation with one of our experts in Ogden, Utah, today.


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