Benefits of Allergy Shots

Benefits of Allergy Shots

It’s hard to feel your best when plagued by allergy symptoms. Fortunately, whether you live with hay fever, atopic dermatitis, or allergy-triggered asthma, allergy shots can help provide relief. The best part? They even work if other medications and treatments have failed to manage your symptoms in the past.

Our board-certified Advanced Allergy & Asthma medical team uses the latest technologies to diagnose and treat allergy symptoms accurately. We offer on-site allergy testing at both of our Ogden, Utah, locations, so you can get fast results when it comes to reaching a diagnosis. Then, we create a personalized treatment strategy to keep your symptoms under control.

If you have allergies, here are a few benefits of allergy shots — also known as immunotherapy.

Safe and effective solutions

Allergy shots work by slowly introducing your body to the elements that trigger a reaction. For example:

By introducing your system to these triggers in small and controlled amounts, we help your body develop immunity. This helps reduce your symptoms because your body stops reacting to the substance. So, instead of masking your symptoms, allergy shots prevent them from occurring in the first place.

This approach not only provides highly effective results, but it’s also safe for children as young as five years old and people with severe allergy symptoms.

Provide relief for numerous forms of allergies

Do you struggle with seasonal allergies, like hay fever or allergic asthma? What about indoor allergies, like pet dander and dust mites?

Allergy shots can help with a broad range of allergic conditions, ranging from seasonal and indoor allergies to insect stings, asthma-related conditions, and inflammatory skin issues like eczema

The only time we don’t recommend allergy shots is for those who are pregnant, living with heart disease or uncontrolled asthma, or people with food allergies.

Decrease your need for medication

Because allergy shots improve how your immune system functions and reduces your reaction to allergic triggers, you can often eventually reduce — or completely stop — using your medications.

Allergy shots work in two stages: buildup and maintenance. The buildup stage involves regular allergen injections to build up immunity within your body. Once reached, you switch to the maintenance stage, and you get regular shots to maintain your new immunity.

There are two approaches to administering allergy shot treatment. The traditional approach spreads the buildup stage out over 3-6 months, and you get regular shots once or twice a week. We also offer rush therapy, which accelerates the process and shortens this treatment stage to 1-2 days.

The maintenance period for allergy shots typically lasts several years. During this stage, you receive injections once or twice a month to ensure your body can continue suppressing allergic reactions without additional support. 

Once you develop a healthy immunity, you can expect reduced or eliminated allergy symptoms.

Ready to see if you can benefit from allergy shots? Contact Advanced Allergy & Asthma to schedule an appointment by calling one of our Ogden locations today.

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