I’m Embarrassed About My Severe Eczema

I’m Embarrassed About My Severe Eczema

It’s bad enough that eczema triggers intense itching that can keep you up at night. However, this common condition also causes visible symptoms anywhere on the body that can be embarrassing.

Don’t worry; there’s hope, even if you haven’t found solutions in the past.

The Advanced Allergy & Asthma team has extensive experience treating eczema in Ogden, Utah. Due to its complex nature, people often struggle to find relief from this common skin condition.

Fortunately, our experts have the answers you need.

If you have severe eczema, here’s what you should know and how we can help.

Understanding eczema

The challenge with eczema is that there’s far more going on than meets the eye — specifically, your immune system, genes, environment, and emotions.

Each of these factors contributes to how your body responds to small irritants or allergens that come in contact with your skin. 

For instance, your immune system might overreact, triggering inflammation. Or you have a gene that makes it harder for your skin to retain moisture, leaving it vulnerable to irritants, bacteria, and allergens.

Common eczema triggers include:

Even stress and emotional well-being can lead to flare-ups.

Understanding that all these factors can play a role in this condition is crucial to developing an effective management strategy.

Living with eczema

Our team can diagnose eczema during a physical exam. We often recommend additional screenings, such as allergy testing, blood tests, and skin biopsies.

These assessments can provide more details about your condition and the factors triggering your flare-ups.

Once we clearly understand your unique situation, we can outline a detailed management strategy to help minimize your symptoms. 

Medical management of eczema often includes medicated creams and medications, especially if you have allergies triggering your symptoms.

However, eczema requires diligent daily care and lifestyle changes as well.

Self-care strategies to keep flare-ups at bay include: 

Living with eczema isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our team can help you better understand your condition and provide strategies to improve your skin’s health.

Embarrassed by severe eczema? Schedule an assessment with one of our skilled Advanced Allergy & Asthma providers in Ogden, Utah, today.

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